Sell Your Watch

We have many customers who do not realise the value of their watches. Like cars, many watches reduce in value as soon as they are taken out of the showroom – whereas others actually increase in value and can surprise their owners by showing meaningful appreciation over time. A good example of this are gold watches – the recent significant increase in the price of gold has resulted in many gold watches being worth more today than when they were originally purchased.

Unlike cars, the only 2 factors affecting the value of a pre owned watch are the age and the condition. Unlike cars, mileage, optional extras, alloy wheels etc do not factor which mean that the depreciation in value is often not as high as you may think.

If you are interested in selling your watch and wish to request a provisional quote, it is best to email us at  In order for us to give you a realistic estimate as to how much we will offer for your watch, please give us as much information as you can, including pictures if you are able to and let us know if you have the original box.  In general, we also need to have access to the original papers (receipt, warranty etc.) so that we can authenticate your watch.  We will provide an estimate within 24 hours.  If you are happy with our estimate, send your watch to us and we will verify the estimate.  If you agree, we will purchase your watch and immediately transfer the funds in to your bank account.  If you do not want to sell your watch to us, we will return it to you immediately.

Part Exchange

We are always happy to discuss a part exchange. Please send the details of your watch to, along with the model of watch you are interested in and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Valuation estimates are issued exclusively by return e-mail & cannot be given over the phone. All valuation estimates are strictly subject to visual inspection by The Luxury Watch & Jewellery Exchange Ltd.